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Outsource to Grow Your Business

When we first decided to start our own business we are so thrilled by all the possibilities of what could happen. We think about the flexibility we can have with our life, the income we can make and so many other things. However, when we actually start the business a whole different reality sets in. We begin to spend more and more time working in our business doing administrative work to stay organized (somewhat organized), putting in lots of effort (or thinking) to get new clients, and also learning all the new and latest strategies and skills to stay on top of our game. By doing all of this you will quickly begin to see that you are putting more hours into your business then you did for your job, you no longer have a life, and the worst part of it all is the realization that you can, and will, only make but so much money in your business if something doesn’t change. At this point you have probably realized that no successful businessperson runs his or her business alone and even though you have an online business, there is no reason why you should be forced to do everything alone either.

Most businesses owners hire various people to do various jobs for them. Whether they hire a contractor or someone in house this person has a specific role to play in the business. For example they may hire someone like accountants, bookkeepers, cleaning staff and more. But a brick and mortar business often hires staff to be the receptionist, the secretary, web designers, content writers and other staff. To cut down on cost of hiring staff they hire independent contractors, and as an online business owner you can do the same. There is no reason to have onsite staff. You can outsource almost every aspect of your business that doesn’t need “you” to independent contractors.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that your business doesn’t need. I mean you are the business owner, and you must give the final approval on everything that goes out, because it is your name and reputation on the line. But, you don’t need to do everything, so that’s why you need to figure out what part of your business needs you the most. To do this think about what are the things in your business that only you can do. If you are a coach, only you can spend your time coaching. To further help you determine the various parts of your business you can outsource ask yourself these two questions.

  1. What parts of your business can be completed by others?
  2. What part needs your special touch?

To answer these questions I want you to write a list of every business task you do during a day, a week, a month and a year. Then highlight the tasks that only you can do. Now, you can go and find people that can handle the rest.

Now I bet you are probably thinking about the time you’ll have to spend training individuals to do things “right”. Even if you have the budget to hire someone, sometimes the idea of training someone to do things can be so overwhelming that decide it’s better to do it myself instead of doing double work. Well I have a solution for that. As you are monitoring your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks write down, in detail, the step by step procedure you take when completing that task. By doing this you are creating a standard operating procedures (SOP) manual that you can give to your contractors. This is so helpful when it comes to training. It can literally take the place of you having to train your outsourcing contractors to do thing the way you want it done.

How LED Business Signs Can Work for You in a Down Economy

In these times in a down economy most businesses are making cuts and working with a smaller budget. Some businesses have decreased their advertising spending and search for affordable means to market their goods and services. While banners, posters, and other printed forms of signage are affordable they don’t catch the potential customer’s eye like a bright lighted flashing LED sign.

Led Business signs are affordable for any size businesses budget. They are energy efficient so as to keep electrical costs down. The LED sign uses less energy to run compared to other forms of lighted signage. These signs can be used 24/7 to gain the extra traffic at all hours of the day. Not only energy efficient, but safe also as they don’t heat up or use toxic chemicals like some other types of signage.

There are a number of affordable types of LED signs that can be used depending upon your advertising budget, type of product and service you offer. You may want to check with your local city or county to make sure there are not any lighted or flashing sign restrictions.

Open LED business signs are the most affordable LED sign to use. A simple sign with open text on it that can be animated or solid will let your customers know your there and open for business. You can also get open signs that have product images on it to show what you have to offer. I see a lot of businesses install the open sign to high or too far from the entrance of the establishment. The open sign should be installed as close to the entrance as possible and at eye level.

Stock LED Business signs that have text or images or a combination will let your customer know exactly what service or product you have to offer. These affordable signs can be installed in the businesses front window or in an area you want to attract the customer.

Customizable LED Business signs are similar to stock signs previously mentioned and are still very affordable. With these signs you can add text or a phone number to them to give the customer additional information about your business. Any addition information a customer or potential customer receives will help increase sales or spread the word to others. Most of the Business LED signs can be switched to stay solid or be animated to give the extra eye catching appeal.

Whether you choose LED open signs, LED Business signs or customizable LED signs you can be sure to save on your advertising cost and increase traffic and sales to your business. In a down economy making budget conscious decisions will carry you through to better economic times.